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Secrets of how NBA pros and Olympic athletes are able to jump so high – Learn to jump higher in only 45 minutes!

Do you have all the skills you need to own the court but can’t quite make those dunks?

Do you need that little extra height on your leap to set yourself apart from all the rest?

Are you desperate to stand out in front of the crowd – and any scouts who might be watching?

If you’ve ever spent time on a basketball court, then you know how important your vertical leap is. Jumping higher lets you get over your opponents defense to make those shots. It lets you get passes, make passes, catch rebounds, and dunk better than anyone else.

Need to defend? The other player can be as tall as they want, if you’re clearing 40+ inches (NBA average is only 28″) then you’re stopping them every time.

How Can I Jump Higher?

Meet Coach Jacob Hiller, world renown jump training coach who teaches across 65 countries, training professional and Olympic athletes based on the same program he developed for himself that took him from a 19 inch vertical leap to over 40+ inches.

He took his training and made it a program accessible to anyone, as the Jump Manual.

Jacob Hiller and his Jump Manual have been featured by all of the above.

This is the pro grade training NBA teams and Olympians pay thousands for, that you can get – today.

Even better? If you’re not sure you want to try it out, we have an intro guide he’s put together you can get for FREE right now to start training, called How to Jump Higher in 45 minutes.

Cover image of How to Jump Higher in 45 minutes
Click the image to get your copy of How To Jump Higher in 45 minutes.

Learn the Exercises You Need to Play in The NBA

The Jump Manual isn’t just some exercise program. This is an actual program from a professional coach that tailors the training to YOU. The exercises you’ll get are tailored to your specific jumping and movement style to get the best results possible, faster than any other.

Vertical Leap Training Isn’t Just Strength Training

This isn’t just a bunch of leg exercises to make you stronger. Getting a good vertical leap is so much more than that. Proper vertical leap training involves getting your muscles to combine the needed strength AND speed they need in the right ratio at the right time to get you off the ground and into the air, and the Jump Manual is built around that concept.

Can’t Get Any More Height No Matter How Much You Train?

You train.

You train all day.

You rest, you eat right, you stretch properly but you just can’t any more height off the ground?

All the training in the world won’t help you if it isn’t to the proper intensity, and all the exercises you’ll learn in the Jump Manual includes the proper levels of intensity you need to hit to see results.

Learn to Eat Right For The Best Results

You won’t just learn exercises customized to your own needs, with the proper levels you need to hit. The Jump Manual is an entire system that includes EVERYTHING you need to add at least 10 inches to your vertical leap.

The Jump Manual includes all the techniques you need to maximize the efficiency of your movements, so you get gains instantly without even exercising by ensuring all your movements are set to get the best leap you can.

Nutritional information to make sure your body performs to its best level, and you get the best gains from your training and aren’t slowing yourself down.

And if you don’t have access to a gym?

Doesn’t matter – all the exercises you’ll learn include a full video library of alternative bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

Lockdown? Doesn’t matter.

Travelling? No problem.

One on One Personal Coaching

The best part of the Jump Manual, and what truly sets it apart from all the rest? You can exclusive access to one on one coaching. Send in videos of your performance and your exercises for personal coaching on your performance and how to improve.

You WILL Succeed – Or Your Money Back

The Jump Manual includes a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t see the results you want, then you get your full refund and it’s cost you nothing.

Click Here for your free How to Jump Higher in 45 Minutes manual, or head over to the Jump Manual to see the program for yourself.

Don’t Believe The Hype? See What These People Have to Say

If you head over to the Jump Manual site you’ll see for yourself dozens of testimonials from people who’ve used the system, here’s a few samples:

Coleman almost doubled his vertical, from 20″ to around 38″
Gavin got to 36 inches even with multiple injuries
Only 5’4″, and can jump higher than the NBA average

Want to Give it A try? Download our free guide ‘How To Jump Higher in 45 Minutes’ to get started, or head straight over to the Jump Manual website to check it out for yourself.

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