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Review: Vert Shock

The Vert Shock System

  • Rating –8/10
  • Notable –Optical Speed
  • Price –$138.00

Vert Shock is a plyometrics program dedicated to dunking.

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    The program is the creation of world renown dunking champion Justin Darlington and Adam Folker, based upon their own experiences developing their abilities and training regimes using Soviet olympics high jump training programs as a basis.

    Have you ever wanted to dunk like a world champion?

    Dunk even better than players in the NBA?

    That’s the premise of Vert Shock – a pure dunking training program build on a scientifically derived program of high jump training from the old Soviet Union, and years of first hand experience and training development from Adam Folker, a National Strength and Conditioning Association certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington – a repeated world dunking champion who’s help train and prepare NBA players in his techniques.

    Vert Shock is a 3 stage program (with added bonuses, at least for the time being) based on the research and olympic training programs of Dr. Verkhoshansky, a Soviet/Russian sports scientists who helped Russia win gold in jumping events olympics after olympics. The method is called the ‘shock’ method and can be seen elsewhere incorporated into other training programs.

    What’s in Vert Shock?

    The core Vert Shock program consists of three stages of plyometrics training;

    • Stage 1: The ‘pre-shock’ phase, a 4 day cycle that introduces the body to the unique movements and exercises of the shock method training to give you the foundation of the program and mitigate any risk of injury
    • Stage 2: The ‘shock’ phase, a 6 week cycle of 3 days of 40 minutes sessions. This is the core of the program, employing specific exercises to strengthen the elastic fibers of your muscles to maximize your explosive strength and ability to jump
    • Stage 3: The ‘post-shock’ phase, this stage of the training reduces the intensity and changes the training cycle to 4 days a week at 30 minutes. This reduced intensity workout builds on the strength and muscle memory you’ve developed to further refine your ability and maximize your new jump potential

    The exercises in Vert Shock are different from most others, there’s no weight training involved. The exercises are a more specialized set of exercises focused on developing your elastic fibers, it’s not an overall strength or conditioning program, but one setup to achieve one thing only – a higher vertical leap.

    Limited Time Offer: As of the writing of this article Vert Shock was offering a number of time-limited bonuses, these include a variety of technique training, extra training and performance tips, nutritional information, workout tracker, check in system to help stay accountable to the program, NBA training secrets the creators first hand from training NBA players, and a complete additional workout routine, called ‘Jump Like Justin’, which is Justin Darlington’s personal training system.

    Who’s Vert Shock For?

    The Vert Shock system is designed and marketed specifically for basketball players, and basketball players who are looking to dunk. It’s Justin Darlington’s thing – he’s the dunk king, and he and his friend Adam will teach you the methods they’ve developed over the years so you can achieve some of the success they’ve had.

    However, like so many other plyometrics programs, Vert Shock is simply a plyometrics program at its heart, even if it’s a rather unique one. It’s focus on improving vertical leap and nothing else is still applicable not only to basketball players, but anyone who’s interested in improving their explosive potential. By adding this program into your own training regimen you can gain a significant advantage over competitors.

    Why Vert Shock?

    So, why Vert Shock over other programs? There are a number of advantages of Vert Shock over other jump training programs – it’s basis on real world proven scientific experience, and the obvious abilities of its creators, demonstrated time and again in world dunking contests makes it an obvious choice. That’s backed up by the extensive customer testimonials you can view on their site complete with videos of the results.


    • Scientific Basis: Vert Shock is rooted in real world science developed to dominate the olympics, and proven with the gold medal wins of the Russian teams that used it
    • Personal Experience: It’s hard to find individuals better qualified to talk about jump training than one of the world’s most renowned dunkers
    • Bonus Content: At least for the time being, there’s a huge amount of bonus content available that builds on just the training regimen, including nutrition, workout tracker, check in emails, and extra tips and techniques
    • Moneyback Guarantee: Like many such programs, Vert Shock offers a 60 day moneyback guarantee. With an 8 week program, that gives you a perfect amount of time to try it out, get through the program, and verify it works for you
    • Price: For a limited time the program is on sale for half off, only $67 dollars including the bonus content.


    • Specialization: While plyometrics is applicable to every type of sport and general fitness, not everyone will be interested in a unique program that’s so focused on a single subject
    • Limited Time Offer: If you aren’t sure about committing to this type of training at the moment, the limited time nature of the bonus content and pricing can feel like undue pressure on your decision


    Vert Shock is an excellent system, it’s been around for a number of years, has been used by thousands of people and you can find personal testimonials attesting to it’s success all over, with the videos to go with it. If you’re looking for a plyometrics program to boost your vertical leap, this is definitely a good choice.

    Overall – we actually recommend The Jump Manual as our #1 recommend training program, it also includes things like nutritional information and a strong focus on technique and the efficiency of your movements, but unlike Vert Shock they are a standard part of the program and always included.

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