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Review: The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller

  • Rating –9/10
  • Notable –The oldest program around – because it’s proven.
  • Price –$97.00

The Jump Manual is one of the longest training programs around, used all around the world, by pro athletes and Olympians.

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  • Older Program

    The program has over a decade of proven success and has been constantly updated
  • Personalized Coaching

    You get personalized coaching to review and improve your workouts
  • Technique Training

    Strong focus on proper technique to get the most of your abilities.
  • Proven Results

    The same program used in personal training with NBA athletes and Olympians.
  • Accessibilty

    Focused on basketball, but equally applicable to all sports and fitness needs

The Jump Manual promises 10+ inches added to your vertical leap, and offers a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’ve ever played basketball then you know being able to dunk is one of the biggest bragging rights a player can have (and a good vertical leap is a critical skill in general).

Jacob Hiller was one of those players who always aspired to be a good dunker and could never quite make it. He spent years trying and failing, until he finally hit the secrets he needed to boost his jump and be able to dunk.

The secret lie in a mix of proper plyometrics training (see our article, What Are Plyometrics?), form, technique, proper footwear and how to wear it, training to the correct intensity and other factors.

What’s In The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual isn’t just a generic exercise library, but a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of proper training coupled with personalized coaching to tailor the program to your particular technique and needs.

It contains the exact workout program that Jacob Hiller used for himself and has further refined over more than a decade of professional coaching all around the world including Olympic athletes and NBA players and has repeatedly proven to add 10 or more inches to players’ vertical leap, what he calls the ‘Max Explosion’ workout.

The course includes an extensive exercise video library of all the exercises incorporated in to the program with both regular versions and non-weighted variants for those without access to a gym.

Technique training that is often given only lip service in other programs that focuses on teaching you the best methods of moving efficiently to get the most power out of your movements and achieve the highest jump possible.

Personalized coaching – perhaps the most important and powerful part of the program, you get access to personalized coaching where you can ask questions and send in video to get feedback and critiques of your workouts and progress, that makes sure you’re on the right rack and getting the results you need.

Who’s The Jump Manual For?

The Jump Manual is oriented towards basketball players. Perhaps more than any other sport basketball relies on a good foundation of plyometrics not only dunking, but for ever aspect of shooting and defending in the sport.

However, the training taught in the jump manual extends to far beyond just basketball. If you’re an athlete of any kind or are simply interested in fitness in general then this plyometrics program is a far superior tool than the generalized lists of plyo exercises you’ll find in other programs or on fitness sites. This focused, professional program is based on sound science and years of real world application and will get you the best results possible and minimize risk of injury.

Whether you’re a runner, soccer player, tennis player, or just trying to get better toned this program will be of immense benefit.

Why The Jump Manual:

The Jump Manual has been featured in all these publications

There are a variety of jump training/plyometrics programs out there. So how does The Jump Manual stand out?


  • Real world results: The Jump Manual has been around for over a decade, it’s been used in dozens of countries and continues to serve as the foundation of Jacob HIller’s personal training he gives to professional athletes and Olympians. You can see the customer testimonials on their website
  • Moneyback Guarantee: The jump manual promises 10+ inches added to your vertical leap, and offers a 60 day moneyback guarantee
  • Exercise Library: There’s an extensive video library of exercises both with equipment and without equipment to rely upon
  • Tailored Training: While there’s an exercise library, the training YOU do is tailored to your own needs based on that library
  • Personalized Coaching: When you sign up for the program you get access to personal coaches who will review your training and technique and talk you through the changes and improvements you need to make
  • Nutritional Information: In addition to just exercise, there’s in depth training on the best nutritional strategies you need to get better results
  • Focus on Technique: The Jump Manual includes a strong focus on developing the proper technique for not only training but for the actual jumps themselves to maximize your results


  • Program Focus: The program approaches the training from the perspective of playing basketball. This isn’t a big deal, besides specific jump sports like long jump, basketball has the most emphasis on a player’s vertical leap. This means the program isn’t poorly suited for non-basketball players, but it doesn’t spend as much time as it could focusing the training on other sports
  • Equipment: The program offers non-weighted alternatives to it’s exercises, and access to equipment is typically superior to bodyweight training. A program that focused purely on bodyweight techniques might offer some advantages to an all in program such as this
  • Risk of Injury: While care is taken to ensure the program is tailored to your needs and doesn’t cause injury, many of the exercises do involve equipment and while the personal coaching will help correct your technique, it’s inherently limited in relying on you to send in videos of your workouts and get a response. If you don’t have experience with weighted workouts you could perform them incorrectly, and it could potentially be difficult to make adjustments from video alone.
  • Personal Coaching is Time Limited: The personal coaching is limited in time to only 14 days. The fast response time means that this is perfectly suitable for building a strong foundation of correct training, but if you want more personal coaching later on, you’ll have to pay extra.
  • Self-Discipline: Any training program requires hard work and determination on part of the person doing it, without an in person coach however an online course like this lacks the affect on motivation that an in-person coach has. You should consider signing up with a friend and working together to help motivate each other


In conclusion the Jump Manual is a program that has been around for a while, and has a proven track record of success. The personalized coaching, emphasis on proper technique, and incorporation of proper nutrition all set up a client with everything they need to succeed. Any failure to achieve improvement then is largely the result of failing to stick with the program or apply it’s principles. The addition of the 60 moneyback guarantee also offers the assurance that you will have success, and if you don’t, it won’t have cost you anything but will still leave you with the knowledge you picked up along the way that you can incorporate into your future.

Overall – the Jump Manual is the #1 program we recommend. You can check it out here.

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