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Review: Strength and Power For Volleyball

The Ultimate Volleyball Training Resource

  • Rating –6/10
  • Notable –Low Cost
  • Price –$27.00

Strength and Power in Volleyball is an ebook program focused on strength and conditioning for volleyball.

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    The Stregth Program is the strength and conditioning training program offered through Strength and Power For Volleyball, whose website includes general volleyball knowledge and training as well.

    If you’re ever played volleyball then you know the importance of good strength and conditioning training in order to get the best serves, keep moving around the court, spike, and maintain a strong defense. The strength and conditioning for Volleyball program (referred to as S&C from here on out) is a 12 week program focused on strength and conditioning training specifically for volleyball.

    Unlike other programs we’ve reviewed, this isn’t an exclusive Plyometrics program, but much like basketball, plyometrics plays a strong role in volleyball and training for the sport, and this program reflects that focus with a firm grounding in plyometrics.

    What’s in Strength and Conditioning for Volleyball?

    S&C is a 12 week program presented as an ebook, it is the work of Dennis Jackson, a passionate volleyball player and coach who is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

    The program comes in the form of an ebook, which lays out a fully developed program step by step, day by day for your to follow. It requires a variety of equipment:

    • balance ball
    • medicine ball
    • resistance bands
    • dumbbells

    By following the program it promises to increase your vertical leap by 3-7 inches, as well as general strength and conditioning improvements tailored to playing volleyball (though these improvements are useful to anyone).

    Who’s Strength and Conditioning For Volleyball For (And why should you try it?)

    As the name implies – this program is targeted towards volleyball players, and is created by a passionate volleyball player and coach. It’s a general strength and conditioning program specifically built for that purpose, not a general plyometrics program.

    However – it is created by a certified specialist who is passionate and experienced in the field. As a specific program, it offers significant advantages over trying to put together a program of your own from various sources online or offline.

    It’s also cheap, the cheapest program we’ve reviewed by far. That makes it accessible to anyone, but loses out by requiring a mix of gym equipment that people who aren’t into fitness are unlikely to have at hand. The equipment required is fairly accessible, and not too expensive, but to purchase it all would cost far more than the program itself.

    It’s also an ebook – which means you don’t get in depth video libraries of the required exercises. That’s not too big a problem, as you can easily find videos of these exercises elsewhere, but for a newcomer it is inconvenient not having all these resources in one place.

    So if you’re a volleyball player looking to get serious about training, this can be well suited for you as you’re likely to be investing in some basic fitness equipment regardless, and it’s tailored specific to your needs.


    • Cost: At only $27, and with a 60 day moneyback guarantee, it’s cheap and easy to access
    • Focused: If you’re a volleyball player, this program is tailored to your needs, though it isn’t personalized
    • Passion: Dennis Jackson is a passionate player and coach of volleyball, and it’s always good to have that passion in a product
    • Certification: Dennis is also certified by National Strength & Conditioning Association, this isn’t officially required by anyone, but the organization is well regarded


    • Equipment: Unlike some other programs – this does require equipment, which exceeds the cost notably of the program itself
    • Ebook Only: The program comes in the form of an ebook, and lacks the in depth video exercise libraries of other programs
    • Personalization: The program is laid out step by step – but carries the inherent problem of being a generalized program that applies equally anyone, and isn’t tailored to your own needs
    • Coaching: The program comes as an Ebook and doesn’t have the personal coaching and video review other programs offer.
    • Generalization: The program is a general strength and conditioning program – it does have a focus on jump training, but isn’t a specific plyometrics program like some others.


    In conclusion the Strength and Power For Volleyball program is a generalized strength and conditioning program and not a specific plyometrics program – it can help increase your vertical leap, but lacks the focus of other programs. It also lacks a variety of features that other programs possess while requiring a variety of equipment that are far beyond the program cost and may not be representative of what a beginner with a limited budget might possess or be able to access.

    There are better programs out there, but if you’re looking for a cheap program to get started in, or are a volleyball player specifically who doesn’t have a lot of fitness training and experience, it can be a good training aid to improve your game and give you the foundation you need to succeed.

    If you want to see our #1 rated training program, check out our review of The Jump Manual.

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