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Review: Plyomaster

Plyomaster Vert Pro and Highdro Pro

  • Rating –7/10
  • Notable –No Equipment Needed
  • Price –$97.00 Each

Plyomaster is actually two related courses, Vertpro and Highdro Pro, focused on increasing vertical leap through purely bodyweight exercises.

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    Plyomaster actually has two separate programs you can sign up for; Vert Builder Pro which is a bodyweight volleyball focused vertical leap training program, and Highdro Pro, which focuses on water based training to overcome training plateaus.

    Most jump training programs are either pure plyometrics training programs or focused on plyometrics from the perspective of basketball. Plyometrics approaches plyometrics from the volleyball perspective instead. Plyomaster also isn’t actually just one program, but two separate but related programs so we’ll be reviewing them together.

    Plyomaster Vert Builder Pro is the ‘default’ course, focused on building your vertical jump height through a series of bodyweight exercises with an emphasis on volleyball training. The second program is Highdro Pro, it’s a program that focused on training in water in order to allow participants to overcome the training plateau many encounter after they’ve achieved significant success with regular training but end up hitting that point where they just aren’t seeing many gains anymore.

    Plyomaster is the brainchild of Kurt Hausheer, an Austin area professional volleyball and jump training coach. The Plyomaster program itself is relatively recent, a little over a year old, but is based on the training Kurt’s performed in person with volleyball players and other athletes.

    What’s In Plyomaster?

    The two Plyomaster programs are built around a small library of video exercises. Vertbuild Pro contains 40 exercises with video targeting different areas of the body, in depth explanations and descriptions of each exercise, and printable program guide and workout tracker. The Highdro Pro program is similar – it contains a dozen water based exercises with video of the exercises above and below the waterline with in depth descriptions and explanations of each exercise, as well as a printable program guide. Both programs also have easily accessible mobile friendly versions you can do the program from your phone.

    All the of the exercises are body weight based with the intent being you can perform them without needing to be in a gym, making it well suited for people who are travelling, stuck at home, don’t have access to a gym, or perhaps are just starting out and want to get started without having to pay for gym fees and equipment.

    Who’s The Jump Manual For?

    Kurt is a volleyball coach and has built his program upon from first hand experience providing jump training to volleyball players, and this is the focus for the program. However it is fundamentally just a structured plyometrics program built on real world training experience, so it can be useful for anyone in sports or with a general interest in fitness. It’s well suited to beginners compared to something like The Jump Manual (see our review here) as it’s all bodyweight based, so beginners with no or little fitness experience can use it with less concern about needing equipment or performing movements incorrectly and potentially risking poorer results or injury. However – unlike the Jump Manual you don’t get the same level of personalized coaching.

    The Highdro Pro program itself also requires access to a pool, which does limit the potential audience. If you aren’t sure you can get to a pool consistently to train in, then perhaps you should consider skipping that program.

    Why Plyomaster?

    Plyomaster is a good choice for beginners looking to start from a solid foundation of plyometrics without needing to worry about workout equipment or gym access. It’s a little more limited and less comprehensive than other training programs, without the same focus on nutrition, technique, or personalized coaching other programs may offer – but that also works to it’s advantage. It’s a relatively simple system, in that has only a limited number of exercises and lacks other frills that can become a distraction. If you’re looking for a straightforward beginner plyometrics training system, then Plyomaster Vertbuild Pro is a good fit. The Highdro Pro program is a little more iffy, it’s good if you’ve hit that training plateau, introducing a new training environment with the benefit of whole body resistance that is also low impact (important for reducing the chance of injury) but it’s dependent on you having hit that point to get the full benefit and requiring good access to a pool you can train in.


    • Well Suited For Beginners: Limited features help avoid being overwhelming, and a streamlined focused program on a set number of exercises allow you to focus on the fundamentals needed to achieve success
    • No Equipment: No special equipment or gym access is needed
    • Low Impact Training: Highdro Pro takes advantage of water to offer low impact resistance training that can help overcome a training plateau, something other training programs typically lack


    • Cost: While each program is in line with the cost of similar programs, the fact that it’s two programs each at $97.00 makes it more expensive while offering fewer features
    • Focuses only on Exercise: The training focuses only on exercises, and doesn’t have the in depth focus on nutrition, movement efficiency, technique or other factors that affect training and performance
    • Requires Access to a Pool: Only applicable to Highdro Pro, the program only works so long as you have regular access to a pool for training, for a beginner friendly program – that’s a significant obstacle
    • Age and Authority: The Plyomaster program is relatively new, and lacks the longevity of proven programs such as The Jump Manual, which have been around for over a decade and used by high level performers such as NBA players and Olympic athletes.


    Plyomaster Vertbuild Pro is a decent choice for someone looking to get started with a foundational plyometrics training program. Compared to trying to incorporate plyometrics into your own program haphazardly or what bits and pieces may be added into other workout routines it does offer a comprehensive workout program that will increase your vertical leap. It’s lack of needed equipment or gym access keeps it beginner friendly, but it does lack an in depth focus on other factors that affect training and performance that will become increasingly relevant as you progress through the training.

    Plyomaster Highdro Pro is an interested choice – water training is an excellent way to train and reduce risk of injury, but it does require routine access to a pool for training which may be difficult for many people. Especially notable in the current environment where access to public swimming facilities is limited and may be further curtailed with a possible future resurgence of COVID-19.

    If you want to see our most highly recommended training regime, check out our review on The Jump Manual.

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